The Metaverse is a technology based on the main idea of creating a fictional virtual world. However, it is an undeniable fact that users should be as free as possible in this world. Metaverse is not a real estate agency service. Many projects that do not have any elements for the Metaverse in them to sell land to their users using the name of this technology has led to the perception of the Metaverse as a real estate agency. That is why the lack of a Metaverse universe that promises freedom and gain by its main idea is visible to everyone.
As a result of detailed examinations and evaluations conducted by our team, it has been found that ordinary Metaverse projects ignore the multiple requests and expectations of their users. We realized that there is a need for a Metaverse universe that is suitable for the idea of the Metaverse and Blockchain and at the same time can create unknown opportunities for users. We have decided to create the LiskiaLand Universe to create a Metaverse universe that can be developed and designed in an original way for users, has activities and interaction opportunities, and also allows you to earn active and passive income.
Last modified 1yr ago