Liskialand Metaverse

Liskialand is a Metaverse universe that originated as an example of the FRP (Fantasy Role-Playing). This universe, which is constantly expanding and evolving, will also contain interconnected worlds and different periods. The currency used in this universe will be Lisk. The Obelisk Protocol, together with Liskialand, offers its users a competitive entertainment environment with a universe in which they can move freely.

LiskiaLand will be presented for the first time on different and unique maps, where the feudality of the medieval period is combined with mythological and fantastic elements. It allows users to explore the continent of Liskia accompanied by a wonderful story and background. Every choice you make will lead to results, and these results will force you to make new choices. You will start a journey full of Adventure and Mystery in a world with a Metaverse infrastructure and create your legend in this universe.

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